Monday, September 24, 2012

Tangled Weave Pumpkin Basket

Inspiration struck over the weekend. I've been slowly adding to my Autumn decor, but I haven't wanted to actually start full on decorating for Fall. Well, apparently I'm really gearing up, because I had an idea for an Autumn project that just couldn't wait. I put my daughter's halloween costume on hold (yet again) in favor of creating a pumpkin basket to add to my decor.
I wanted the actual shape of a pumpkin, so I bought a small pie pumpkin for my form. I cut it in half and pulled out the pulp and seeds (mmm roasted pumpkin seeds. I'll post about that tomorrow).
Then I took over the majority of the dining room table for the entire weekend and went to work. I covered my work surface in wax paper and I wrapped each half of the pumpkin in plastic wrap. Then I began wrapping each half in yarn, smoothing Elmer's glue over the yarn as I worked. When I was done with that, I actually mixed some glue with a little water in a bowl and, using a brush, smoothed on a little more glue here and there, where I thought the basket might need a little more strength.
It took quite a while for it to dry. Even with a little help from my blow dryer, it took this the afternoon and over night for it to dry. Once the yarn was stiff, I pulled the plastic wrap from the pumpkins and peeled it carefully away from the yarn. There was some dried glue here and there that required some clean up, but all in all, it worked really well.
Plus, I think it turned out pretty cute. I'm thinking of adding a couple of leaves to the top of it, but haven't found what I like yet. I think this will be a fun addition to my mantel decor for Fall.

Have a Happy Day!


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  1. I remember making those over balloons when I was a kid. Great job. I just saw this on A Bowl Full of Lemons, and I love it! If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll visit "One Creative Weekend" on today (or any time Fri-Wed) and link up!

    1. I think doing the balloon method would have been easier, but I wanted it to have the real pumpkin shape. I just visited your link up and added it. Thanks for the invite.