Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Lanterns

My awesome sister gives the best birthday presents. This year she gave me a bunch of jars, some orange paint, a roll of masking tape, foam brushes and some flameless candles. She also gave me the instructions for a fun halloween jack-o-lantern craft to do with my kids.
I'm always amazed by the creativity of my children. I broke out the materials to make "jar-o-lanterns" and Buddy asked for green paint because he wanted to make an ugly-doll lantern.
Jellybean asked for purple (but she was sadly out of luck.) She decided to stick with the jack-o-lantern theme since orange is her favorite color. She was very specific about the shapes she wanted for the face. Inspired by Buddy's thinking, I went with black paint for a cat lantern.
A couple of tips on this cute craft: First, I found that putting the paint on thickly and evenly does make the end result nicer. Not always possible when small children are doing the painting though. Also, be very careful when peeling up the masking tape. The glass jar is very smooth, so the paint has a tendency of coming up with the tape.
They are so cute on my table with the lights inside. Both of the kids were thrilled with their lanterns.
Have a Happy Day!


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