Monday, May 5, 2014

Easter 2014

Two weeks ago we celebrated Easter. We like to do an egg hunt for the kids in the backyard. It involves an elaborate ruse to distract the children so that the "Easter Bunny" can hide the eggs. Our eggs contain candy, loose change and this year the "Easter Bunny" was very clever and hid a jig saw puzzle with some of the eggs.
The "Easter Bunny" was very nice and hid some special yellow eggs just for Teddy Bear. Buddy and Jellybean had a lot of fun helping him find his eggs.
It was fantastic egg hunting weather. Plenty of eggs to be had and all told, they got more candy than they got last Halloween. Two weeks later, they are still eating it. I'm sure their dentist will be pleased.
After the hunt, Buddy and Jellybean put together the puzzle and discovered a super secret message from "T.E.B." Whoever that is...
Because all of the candy, money and toys in their easter baskets weren't enough. Geez "Easter Bunny" way to take it to the next level.
To see a few more of the photos, go to the link here: Easter 2014

Have a Happy Day!


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