Thursday, October 17, 2013

Taking It For Granted

Subtitled: A post in which I vent (with cute pictures of my kids).

I won't lie. I'm really and truly bone tired these days. I swear that Teddy Bear has been going through a growth spurt because he was doing a little better during the night, but things have gone down hill as of late. If that weren't bad enough, the extra weight he's putting on is taking a toll on me physically as well.
Late one night (or really early one morning) I got to thinking about a few things that I took for granted when I worked full-time outside the home:

-There was a clear start and end to my work day.
-I didn't receive work related calls at 2AM, 4AM or 6AM.
-I could drive to and from work in silence or listen to whatever I wanted to on the radio.
-Occasionally, I needed to carry a heavy load out of a storage area. I was never asked to carry that load around all-day-long.
-Sometimes my boss acted like a child.  Then again, I only had one boss, not three.
-When I visited the restroom, no one followed me into the stall or shoved things under the stall door.

-Finally, nothing in my job description was poop-related.  Seriously, I'm not sure there is anything more demoralizing than having to clean four separate outfits and the baby four separate times due to blow-outs.

Anyway, not much purpose to this. There's also a huge list of things I hated about working full time outside the home, I won't go into that. In all honesty, I wouldn't change a thing (other than getting more sleep) about my life. Now, I need to work at not taking for granted the time I get to spend with these three amazing kids. 

Have a Happy Day!