Thursday, June 27, 2013

Colored Salt Play

Now that the weather is hot, sometimes we are stuck inside. With the new baby demanding my attention, I've been trying to find more activities for the kids. We've really been enjoying this colored salt tray.
I just poured some salt into a ziplock and added a few drops of food coloring and mixed it in. I thought this light blue color was soothing. Then I set up a "play invitation" for Jellybean. She came down from her nap and discovered it.
I set out several brushes, a jar with some different rocks in it and the flash cards for copying letters. She mostly wanted to use her hands and bury the different items. The little bulldozer was a favorite, though.
Buddy came down from his nap and took a while to warm up to the idea of playing in the salt. I think he thought it would make his hands messy. When he realized that it wouldn't, he was all over it.
He really got a kick out of using the brushes to draw.
This was such a fantastic after-nap activity. They are both on the grumpy side when the first wake up. Working in the salt was calming and kept them both busy for a long time. Perfect for me.
I didn't get pictures, but yesterday, we used the salt tray to play paleontologist.  Buddy has a dinosaur bone model kit. I broke the bones apart and hid them in the salt, then he used his brush to find each bone. So fun.

Have a Happy Day!


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