Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dancing Girl

Last day of dance class.
During the Spring, I enrolled Jellybean in a community dance class for a few weeks that she really enjoyed.  I'm going to see if I can register her for a dance class this Fall as well.
I think we may have a dancer in the making. I also might be living out my dreams through her. As a child, I always wanted to take tap dance, but didn't get to until I was an adult. It is exciting to see her light up when she dances. I was also so impressed by her focus.
Look at her go!
We took Jellybean to the Arts Festival last weekend. While there, we got to see a production of the Snow Queen by a modern dance group. Jellybean was absolutely mesmerized. I can definitely see her on stage some day.
Buddy liked to show off his super hero moves during dance class, too. (I just couldn't stop at one animated GIF.)
Have a Happy Day!


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