Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Better Burp Cloth

I know a lot of pregnant ladies lately, so I foresee a lot of gift giving in my future. One of my mother's classic baby gifts is a receiving blanket and a set of burp cloths. They aren't your average burp cloths though. A unique shape makes them, in my opinion, a better burp cloth. So, I thought I'd share.
A good friend just had her third baby a few weeks ago, so I decided to put some together. You can never have enough burp cloths, right? I usually just use flannel, but because I liked terry cloth so much with my babies, I decided to use flannel on the front and terry cloth on the back.
And because I had a lot of terry cloth, I thought I'd put together a couple of wash cloths as well. I haven't actually given these to my friend yet and I don't know if she reads my blog, so they might not end up being much of a surprise. Oh well.

Interested in making some burp cloths yourself?  Here's the pattern:

Better Burp Cloth Tutorial

Here's what you'll need:

Burp cloth pattern (Note: I couldn't fit the pattern on my 8.5 X 11 paper, so you'll need to double up the fabric and add .25" before the fold when cutting.)
1/2-1 yard Flannel (depends on how many you'd like to make)
1/2-1 yard Terry Cloth
Thread, Pins, Scissors

Here's how I made them:
1. Cut out pattern in flannel and terry cloth. 
2. Pin flannel and terry cloth together (right sides together). Sew a .25" seam around the edge. Make sure to leave an opening for turning.
3. Turn right side out and iron.
4. Add some decorative stitching about and inch in from the edge and you're done. My machine isn't fancy, so I just used one of my stretch stitches around the edge.
Do you think my friend's baby will enjoy spitting up on these beauties? I hope so.
Have a Happy Day!


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