Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bag Monster = Awesome.

I ran across a blog post recently that sparked my interest. It was a post about a few indoor activities that the blogger had put together for her kids. One of the activity ideas was creating a "bag monster." Basically, a trash bag stuffed with grocery bags hung from the ceiling for the kids to kick. This idea is genius. I made our monster, which the kids call "Waga," a couple of weeks ago. The kids love it so much that I can't actually keep it attached to the ceiling, they always manage to kick it down in about 10 minutes. I don't hang it for them every day, but when I do, they go nuts. Evidence below:

BagMonster from A Happy Song on Vimeo

It is the perfect activity for getting out a lot of excess energy. Please disregard the background mess in the video. We hang the monster in our "formal dining room", which we like to use as a multi-purpose room: Play-room, craft room, photo shoot area, and weirdly, it's also where I blow dry my hair. Hair drying always ends up turning into a round of puff-ball air cannon play.
Waga the bag monster. I do excellent artwork.
Yesterday, after the kids had worn themselves out punching/running around the bag. They decided just to lay down and kick it. Seriously awesome exercise going on here.

BagMonster2 1 from A Happy Song on Vimeo.

Thanks so much to Play, Create, Explore for this great idea. There have been several times when letting the kids get their energy out on that bag has absolutely saved my sanity.

Have a Happy Day!


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