Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lamenting the Last Few Days (With Random Pictures)

This winter has seemed interminable and has been wearing me down. I stated last Thursday that I thought D was on the mend from his illness last week. Fast forward to yesterday....yeah, now he's finally on the mend. And you know the way these things go, Buddy started coughing over the weekend and succumbed to a fever last night. I'm exhausted and still wondering if (or when) myself or Jellybean will be the next to fall.
Trying out the new rage: Make your own light table. It was kind of awesome.
The weekend was filled with disappointment for the kids due to illness and terrible weather. Jellybean was invited to her very first birthday party for Saturday, but with Buddy coughing, D sick and snow falling heavily outside, we had to cancel. She was crushed. I felt terrible that I couldn't get her to the party, but what really broke my heart was later that day, well after the party was over. The snow had finally stopped and she came asking if we could still go to the party. I had to explain to her that the party was over and see her disappointment all over again. Just another educational moment on what it feels like to be a mom.
Peanut butter egg experiment. Recipe courtesy of The Whimsical Princess. Better than Reese's? Nah, not really. They were okay, but I'll have to try another recipe next time. Good thing I pin almost every peanut butter cup recipe that I see.
Here's hoping that Buddy will get well quickly and that the rest of us will be well for the rest of this tiresome winter. More snow today (hooray).  Now, I need to shore up what energy I have and try to get these kids out of the house. Local library, here we come.
Buddy's newest monster drawing. He named it Fop Gop, which he later changed to Fop Bgop.  Nothing makes that boy happier than a brand new notebook to fill with his writing and drawings.
Have a Happy Day!


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