Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sandbox Play

We have been working hard in our backyard. We had some landscaping done and now we are working on a play area for the kids.  (Before and after photos of that to come.) This week, I added our first kid friendly feature to the yard: a new sandbox.
Buddy loves, loves playing in the sand.  The joy of the sandbox for Jellybean, unfortunately, is in dumping sand on her brother's head. While, I am trying to nip that behavior in the bud, I'm becoming quite good at getting sand out of hair. (It's all about a boar bristle brush, in case you wanted to know.) I'm trying to figure out why toddler activities always seem to devolve this way:  Digging in the sand, dump it in the bucket, dig in the sand, dump on your own or someone else's head...etc. I suppose it's only natural.
We'll continue having fun over here. I mean, what's better than cool sand on a hot day? Okay, so I can think of a few things, but not many...

Have a Happy Day!


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