Monday, August 13, 2012

Garden Fresh Tomatoes!

Jellybean and I went out to the garden yesterday and lo and behold we found ripe, red tomatoes ready to be picked.  Jellybean had such a look of wonder on her face and wanted to hold all of the tomatoes.  She could hardly wait to get them inside to eat them.  She loves tomatoes.
Sliced up San Marzano tomato.
You probably don't know, but for there to actually be tomato plants in my garden that have produced real, bonafide tomatoes is a HUGE deal.  I have had so many tomato growing disappointments over the last ten years that I had almost given up.
Lovely cherry tomato #2. Hope to have more of these delicious little things.
I have such fond memories of garden fresh tomatoes growing up that I just had to give it one more try. I have another big, beautiful tomato that is almost ready to be picked. It will make a glorious tomato and bacon sandwich.  Just in case you are wondering: I like to toast the bread and put a thin layer of miracle whip. Homemade root beer would also be lovely; good thing I have that in the works...
A mouth full of tomato.
For the record, I think my success this year was due to two factors: More regular watering and a nice big flower garden that attracts billions of bees. I hope to have even more success next year. Maybe I'll even start a salsa garden?

Have a Happy Day!


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