Monday, August 20, 2012

Play and Eat with Oatmeal

Oatmeal Sensory Bin
Occasionally, I'll be working on the computer and Jellybean will come sit with me. Because I'm often looking at craft and activity ideas to do with her, she likes to point at the screen and tell me what she'd like me to make or what activity looks fun to her.  Last week, she saw this post on Play Through The Day for an oatmeal sensory bin.  Jellybean wanted to do this activity so badly, that I couldn't turn her down.
Oatmeal Sensory Bin
This is actually my first bonafide sensory bin and an easy one to put together at that.  I had an old container of oatmeal that was expired, so I dumped that in and then grabbed my daughter's Fisher Price farm animals and tossed those in as well.  I also grabbed a couple of cans so that they could dig and pour.
Oatmeal Sensory Bin
Both Jellybean and Buddy enjoyed digging their hands in the bin and playing together with the animals. It's so fun to see them work so creatively with something simple.

I left them to their own devices until I noticed that the oatmeal was being thrown around the room.  That was my cue that the activity was over and it was time for snacks.  Guess what they wanted to eat? Oatmeal. No, we did not eat the oatmeal they played with. Just in case you were wondering.
Oatmeal Sensory Bin
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  1. Oh, how fun!! I love it!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!