Friday, June 11, 2010

2 months

This is a long time coming. It seems like every time I'm in front of a computer and have time to post, I only have one hand. Trying to type with one hand is not pleasant for me and it takes forever!
Anyway, Jellybean is now 2 1/2 months old. Her stats at her 2 month appointment were very good. She is gaining weight and is very healthy. She is in the 60th some-odd percentile for both height and weight. I plan to have them weigh her at Buddy's 2 year appointment next week and I expect her to be at least 12 lbs.
I won't lie, Jellybean has been a challenging baby. We were so spoiled with Buddy being so mellow that we weren't prepared for the amount of crying a little redhead can produce. ( Yes, we have theorized that the crying is due to the redness of her hair.)
I have never met a child that stays so stubbornly awake during long car rides (crying the entire time) or one so particular about how fast you walk her around the house. She loves to be held and looked at and will bursts into almost immediate tears when you set her down.
She has decided that she won't take a bottle.
She still eats every two hours or less during the day. If you try to feed her and she is not hungry, she will get mad.
She hates to be swaddled.
Pacifiers make her angry.
She can only stand her swing for about three minutes or less at a time.
When held, she will often insist on standing up and will scream if you cradle her.
She starts total melt down mode by around 6 o'clock, just in time for Daddy to come home.
Oh and the kicker, she almost always acts like a complete angel around other people.
All that said, here are the things that make me love this little girl:
She is starting to have longer sleep periods at night.
She is becoming more social and her smiles and coos are adorable.
She is scrappy and can already propel herself to her side and almost to her stomach.
She laughs.
Lately while she's eating, she will decide that she'd rather smile and talk to me.
She LOVES to stretch.
She is extremely expressive with the sounds she makes whether happy or complaining. (which makes me believe that she is brilliant of course)
She is starting to smile at Buddy (He likes this, too)
Her little face when it is lit into a smile can just about kill you with cuteness.

While the list of happy things seems a bit shorter than the list of frustrating things, it seems to just about make up for everything.


  1. Are you sure her name isn't Heidi? {it is a miracle we had more children...} One thing that soothed her was the vacuum, so we recorded the vacuum and played it by her bed to get her to sleep. Long days, but totally worth it. Hang in there!

  2. Ah, if only my mother had a blog when I was a naughty baby....

    Good luck surviving the stage!

  3. That first picture of her is my favorite. I can't wait to see her hair grow in a bit more!

  4. I hope it only gets better. Tell Robbie Happy Birthday. We are thinking of him today. Hope you have a fun birthday with him.

  5. I love that you describe her as scrappy. She sure is cute. And yes, I know what you mean about babies being angels out around others and little monsters with just you. Will does that, too, sometimes. It just about makes me crazy. But - you gotta love 'em anyway!

  6. This post totally cracked me up! And, yes. That's definitely a laugh. :)