Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Baby Blessing

Jellybean had her baby blessing a few weeks ago. She wore the dress that I wore when I was blessed and D gave her a beautiful blessing. Jellybean is so blessed to have such an amazing father.
I'm so glad that so many family members were able to attend the blessing and come to the brunch afterward. I only wish I had gotten pictures of everyone.

Smiles courtesy of her cousin Alex:



One of my older brothers checking out the buffet:

Jellybean's cousins! Aunt Jessica insisted on getting three poses: Moms, Siblings and Dads.

There is a better sibling picture, but I love how much is going on in this one. I especially love the sneak-attack on Jellybean's hair-bow.

Oh, and Buddy refused to pose for pictures, but he loved hanging out with "Papa":

It was a great day!


  1. I LOVE these pictures! Can you send me copies of the cousins pics?

  2. Cute pics. I was hoping you would post some. Did you get my e-mail. We were so sad to have missed it, but you didn't want the crummy colds we had. MISERABLE. Miss you.

  3. That last picture is definitely a keeper. And I love those little Josie smiles. Can't wait to see her in person!!

  4. Oh, happy day! How fun to have cousins the same age!