Thursday, May 6, 2010

So Lucky

I look at my two children and think that I truly hit the jackpot. Not everyone gets to have both a healthy, handsome, perfect son AND a healthy, beautiful, perfect daughter. Buddy amazes me with his brilliance every day and Jellybean (despite some evening colic) has been rewarding me with smiles, sweet gurgles and coos. How in the world did I get so lucky?
What makes me feel even more lucky is the fact that Buddy loves his little sister. He not only finds her hilarious, but he already looks out for her. It distresses him greatly when she is crying and he loves to talk to her and show her things. I'm so proud of the wonderful big brother he's becoming.

Jellybean is now 6 weeks old.

Word to the wise: don't do a photo shoot with a month old when she is hungry.

She is putting on weight starting to smile socially and keeping us up at night. We are trying a few things to help us all sleep better, hopefully we'll figure something out. I'm not planning on taking a drive at 2AM every morning.

Buddy, at almost 23 months old, is as smart as they come.
Last week he amazed me by getting all of the right letters for the word "stop", putting them all in the right order and actually knowing what he had spelled. He can recognize quite a few words now: stop, dip, box, cat, rat, bath, lion, sheep and most likely more that I don't know about yet. He knows all of his letter sounds and is starting to figure out how to sound out simple words. He floored me a couple of days ago by spouting out all of the words to "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and he also loves to sing the alphabet song.
Did I mention that I'm one lucky Mom?


  1. Where did that six weeks go? Wow...they are cute kids!

  2. You really do have fun kids, Marcie. I hope Robbie's big enough to be a help to you with Josie.