Sunday, April 18, 2010

Three weeks

Now that Jellybean is just over three weeks old, it is probably time for an update. Our little girl is growing well. We went in for her two week appointment with the pediatrician early last week and got her statistics.
At her appointment, she was 8lbs 11oz. (54%) and 21 inches long (69%).

I'm starting to figure out that my little girl already has an opinion on a few things and will let you hear about it (specifically at 4AM, sending you into a panic because you DO NOT want her waking her older brother). Fortunately, she is kind of cute and has shown us a few somewhat intentional smiles that make up for her momentary tantrums.

While she still sleeps the majority of the time, she is starting to be more alert during the day (and thankfully, less often during the night). Here are some of my favorite sleeping positions from the last couple of weeks.

I guess she's pretty cute when she is awake too. Of course, she is also harder to take pictures of.

Easter was fun to celebrate with both of my children this year. I even went all out and made up some Easter baskets. Buddy was thrilled about his...Jellybean?...not so much.

Oh and I should mention that Buddy really does like his little sister.

A post wouldn't be complete without a token Buddy video. Apparently, applesauce isn't just for eating anymore. ;)


  1. Darling kids. I'm glad you got around to doing baskets. It was fun to see you the other day.

  2. Marcie, she's beautiful. It almost makes me think we're about ready for another. And then I remember getting up at night for feedings, scary hair loss, and baby gas. Maybe I can wait a little longer and just appreciate Josie.

  3. I love seeing new pictures! She's already getting so big. And I love the video of Robbie "washing" his hands with the applesauce. Funny kid.