Saturday, May 3, 2014

and just like that he turned 1.

I have been having a hard time writing this post. Partly because I'm in denial and partly because I took so many photos that I've had a hard time going through them and editing them. This is somewhat due to Teddy Bear's birthday falling right during our Easter celebration. (easter photos are up next) I guess there's no putting it off anymore.
Well, we have officially survived Teddy Bear's first year of life. Maybe, with two older siblings and a highly distractible mother, I should say that he survived.
In the days leading up to his birthday, Teddy Bear started walking. Thank goodness for that. D and I didn't know how much longer we could keep lugging this guy around. Luckily, our arms haven't fallen off yet. I discovered in my karate class that my left arm has become freakishly strong as compared to my right...I guess carrying around 23lbs *all of the time* can leave its mark.
A few days after his birthday, Teddy Bear said his first word (beyond Mama, Dada and "wazz at"). He received a stuffed panda for Easter and he now says, "panda." Which really sounds more like "Danda." Which could easily be mistaken for "Dada" except that his emphasis is completely different. I'm his mom, I know these things.
Some more about Teddy Bear: He still hates having his diaper changed, officially sleeps through the night (I was way too enabling on this count), loves to dive down slides head first, lost one of his only bottom teeth in a freak colander accident (colander has been banished) Enjoys carrying Jellybean's dolls around and Buddy's underwear (hmm...), likes to make a "vroom, vroom" sound when pushing cars around and a pig snorting sound when looking at pictures of farm animals. Increasingly loves books and has decided that he likes cuddling his panda and his raccoon lovey. This kid also loves to dance.
Buddy and Jellybean love to include him in their games. I'm only slightly concerned that he is often cast as the villain. His siblings really do enjoy having him around and interacting with him.

He is just the sweetest kid there is. We love him to pieces.
Click on the picture below for a link to a gallery with more of his birthday pictures.
Teddy Bear 1 Year Old April 19, 2014

Have a Happy Day!


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