Friday, December 13, 2013

She's a Dancer, He's a Fighter and The Little One is Just Cute

I feel like I just can't get around to blogging lately, but I had to post some photos of the kiddos. This year we started...

Jellybean in Ballet,
Buddy in Karate,
and Teddy Bear is just cute.
I should also note that Teddy Bear started saying, "Mama," yesterday and I think he even knows what it means. Made my week.

Some other things to note: We are really looking forward to Christmas. I've even finished the shopping. This last week our fish attempted suicide and failed. I have had Christmas cards sitting on my counter for the last two weeks and still haven't sent them. This Saturday, D and I celebrate 11 wonderful years of marriage. Lots of fun stuff happening around here.

Have a Happy Day!


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