Thursday, November 28, 2013

So Thankful.

This year, I decided to start a Thanksgiving Tree (sorry no pictures). I have some branches that I collected from the American Sycamore trees that stood outside our previous home. I thought it would be fun to attach some leaves to them. On each leaf, there is one thing that each of us is thankful for. It has been so fun to see what the kids decide to put down. Buddy is thankful for his backpack. Jellybean is thankful for animals (she still says this "amimals"). I'm thankful for a garage, but I'm mostly thankful for my wonderful husband and for these three little people:
Teddy Bear turned 7 months last week. Because I haven't been posting as much and because the time moves so swiftly, it seems like every other post is a monthly progress post for this little guy. He is growing up way too fast.
Teddy Bear continues to be a jovial little guy. I love his sweet smiles and giggles. Who can resist his fantastically squishy cheeks? I can't. Last night, I went up the stairs with him in my arms saying, "ba boom" with each step. I have never seen any child laugh like he was laughing at that. I love that he finds me hilarious. His siblings love to make him laugh, too. He makes all of our hearts so happy.
This month Teddy Bear got his very first tooth. He has also developed a stronger sense of stranger danger, though it's really more like "you're not my mommy" syndrome. He is slowly but surely figuring out how to crawl. He can now get on his hands and knees and inch-worm slowly forward. The coordination isn't quite there and I can tell that it frustrates him to no end. He wants to be mobile so badly. It will come soon enough.
He babbles more and more. His new sound combo sounds like, "Ra, Ra" Buddy is certain that he is trying to say his name.
Jellybean insists on being part of the photo shoots. I had to get a picture of the fox hat. 
Teddy Bear is mostly sitting on his own. He is so highly motivated to crawl though that he never just sits for long. It's becoming more difficult to keep him entertained. Of course, he entertains us constantly, so it all works out.
I'm not even going to bother talking about his sleep habits. Let's just say that we are working on it.
Here's his monthly progression. He is definitely changing.
We love this little guy.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving!


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