Saturday, August 3, 2013

3 Months Old and A Baby Blessing

I really hate that I haven't been able to update my blog lately. The sad fact is that I'm just not getting enough sleep. I usually enjoy working on my blog in the evening after the kids are down, but with Teddy Bear still waking at least three times a night, I'm falling over with exhaustion by the time I have a minute to sit down with my computer.
I decided to force myself to update tonight. Time is slipping by too quickly. Teddy Bear is 3.5 months old. When he turned 3 months I took my standard month shot.
His little romper says: "Mr. Alligator" on it. I don't know why, but that just tickles me.
At three months, Teddy Bear is an amazingly social baby. He feels immediately lonely if someone's face is not smiling into his face. I love his little smile and eyebrow lift when he is really hamming it up for his audience. He can entertain himself for short periods of time, but really only if there is a mirror involved. He likes to whap at toys on his play mat as well.
I'm pretty sure he already has a good sense of humor. At least he seems to think I'm hilarious especially when I tease him. He's already so strong that he can almost sit up. Also, it appears that he is starting to teethe already and it looks like his canines might be the first teeth in (vampire baby).
Things he likes: Being sung to, sticking out his tongue, tickles and watching his siblings from a distance. Things he dislikes: Laying down when he could be sitting up, being left alone and having his head rubbed (Buddy loves to rub his fuzzy head, Teddy Bear, not so much).
He is an all around sweet baby. We love him completely.
Monthly progression. He's a changin'.
In July, D had the opportunity to bless Teddy Bear. He was adorable in his little collared shirt.
It was so fun to have his family gather around him on that special occasion. He is so lucky to have so many amazing grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who live close and who love him, too.
We didn't get a ton of photos from the day, but I love this one of my mother and D's Grandmother. Two wonderful ladies. Teddy Bear is very blessed.
So grateful for this sweet little soul. Can't wait to find out who he is as he grows and changes.

Have a Happy Day!


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