Monday, March 11, 2013

Getting Some Green On

I realized last week that St. Patty's Day was coming up and that my sweet daughter has no green in her wardrobe. So, I determined to do something about it. I decided that despite her lack of green clothing, I could at least make her something to wear in her hair. So, I pulled out the materials and set to work.
I sketched out a simple cross-stitch pattern and started on the first set of clips:
Approximately 60 inches of floss (three strands) used for each clip pattern.
A little felt and some stitched on clips and those were completed.
I even made something for myself:
These didn't seem enough, so I broke out the felt again and got cutting:
I'm really in to the four-leaf clover.
I like having a cute little girl to wear my clips.
I think these were my favorites:
and if those three ideas don't do it for you, here are a couple more green inspired clips from when I was running my Etsy shop.
Top: Layered fabric and felt. Bottom: fabric yo-yo with brads.
Have a Happy Day!


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