Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hearts Tutu Skirt

Last week my children spent some time at their cousin's house. Cousin A loves to dress Jellybean up in all of her dress-up clothing. This is heaven for Jellybean. When I came to pick Buddy and Jellybean up, Jellybean was wearing a dance leotard with an adorable tutu over the top.  It wasn't a full skirt, just a transparent tutu with some flowers folded into the layers of tulle. Well, I couldn't help myself, I had to make something for Jellybean to dress-up in at home.
So, purchased 3/4 of a yard of pink tulle and a 1/2 of a yard of white poly-satin. Then I commenced cutting out some small red hearts.
I had to add some princess crowns. Jellybean picked them out.
Then I used the same skirt pattern that I used for my first skirt last summer. Because I wanted the tulle to be longer than the white skirt underneath, I cut the underskirt an inch shorter and then gave it a 1/2 inch rolled hem. I also doubled up my tulle, so that I could create a pocket for the hearts and crowns.
After putting in the side seam for both layers, I turned them both right side out and put my hearts and crowns in the tulle. Next, I tucked the underskirt inside of the tulle and pinned them so that there was a generous 1 1/2 inches above the tulle and then folded it inward to create the channel for the elastic. I found that a small zig-zag stitch worked best with my machine and the material I was working with.
Jellybean came out yesterday for a quick photo shoot. She loves her skirt.
It even inspired quite a bit of jumping.
In fact, after we went inside, she decided that she had to go back out for another round of jumping.
That skirt is really something!

Have a Happy Day!


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