Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Christmas

I have been trying to write this blog post about our Christmas for two consecutive nights, but unfortunately, every time I sit down to do it, I end up wrapping myself in my new cuddly blanket and before I know it, I've fallen asleep. So, I guess I'll finally try and sum things up while the kids are down for their naps.

Well, Christmas exploded at our house. I'd like to say that we spent yesterday cleaning up, but with one child down with a stomach bug we decided that we didn't mind looking at the mess for at least one...or two...more days.
Our holiday celebrations were very successful. We always start out with dinner at my parents' house on Christmas Eve. Following dinner, my family likes to put on a musical program. (D has mixed feelings about that portion of the evening.)
Buddy and Jellybean joined their cousins in singing a lively rendition of Jingle Bells. Buddy, to my amazement, actually belted it out. Jellybean decided that she was more fascinated by the jingle bells that my sister provided for the kids to shake.
At the end of the program, the children always participate in a live nativity. Jellybean was a beautiful angel.
Buddy had pretty well had it.
On Christmas morning, the kids were excited to find that Santa had brought them just what they asked for. They were mostly surprised because I think they had forgotten that he was even coming.
A doll house for Jellybean and a bat cave for Buddy. (Is the bat cave just a masculine version of a doll house?)
They have been pleased with their gifts and have been playing non-stop since Christmas morning. Buddy has a whole new excuse for why he doesn't have time to eat or use the bathroom. "I'm not done playing my game!" The "game" he hasn't finished seems to change every five minutes. I'm glad that his stomach bug was so short lived, but it didn't put much of a crimp in his new toy enjoyment.
We finished our Christmas celebrations with a lunch at my in-laws house. The food was wonderful, of course, but nothing beats spending time chatting with family.
D has taken the week off from work, so we've been really enjoying just being home. I was a little annoyed when I realized this morning that I actually had to do some house work during the vacation. What's up with that?

I hope you are having a fantastic holiday as well.  Have a Happy Day!


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