Monday, December 31, 2012

A Successful Holiday Weekend

Some things accomplished this long holiday weekend (with a few random pictures thrown in):

-Wore pajamas all day at least one day.
-Spent a lot of time hanging out with D and the kids.
-Got a morning nap almost every morning.
-Finally kicked my cold and also nursed two sick kids.
-Played tea party and doll house with Jellybean (countless times)
-Baked these breadsticks.
-Allowed the kids to help me make cookie dough. (New Years Ice Box Cookies! Will post recipe later.)
-Started potty training Jellybean (actually having some success!)
-Took some time to contemplate baby names (kind of painful).
-Sorted through and set aside a box of baby toys.
Snow is extremely fascinating.
-Visited Hobby Lobby (like that's a surprise).
-Started work on my first New Year's resolution (cleaning out the office).
-Successfully avoided putting away any of the Christmas decor.

At least I didn't just sit around eating holiday treats...

Have a Happy Day and a Fabulous New Year's Eve!


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