Monday, October 8, 2012

Swedish Pancakes

My side of the family is very serious about tradition. This is something that D has yet to grasp accept the full extent of. Since starting a family of my own, I've thought a lot about the traditions I grew up with and what traditions I'd like to start with my children. Many of the traditions I'd like to keep are food based (specific foods for specific times/holidays).
One of my favorites is making Swedish Pancakes on LDS Conference weekend. Of course, we made swedish pancakes at other times of the year, but there is something particularly special about a nice breakfast before the bi-annual broadcast begins. Swedish pancakes and church in your pajamas, what is better than that?
So, since we just enjoyed the Conference broadcast, I thought I'd share my family's swedish pancake recipe with you. If you don't know what they are, picture crepes, but thicker, more flavor and just a whole lot more awesome. In short: delicious.

Swedish Pancakes

(makes about 8 pancakes)


*6 Eggs
*2 C Flour
*1/4 C Sugar
*Dash of Cinnamon
*Dash of Salt
*3 C Milk

(To increase recipe to 14 pancakes change the following measurements: 9 Eggs, 3 C Flour, 1/3 C Sugar, and 4 1/2 C Milk. Cinnamon and Salt stay the same, or to taste.)


Pre-heat a large skillet (medium-high heat) on the stove or pre-heat an electric griddle. I prefer the griddle and heat mine to around 370 degrees F.
Mix all ingredients together until smooth. Batter will be thin. I like to mix the batter in a plastic pitcher for easy pouring.
Spray skillet or griddle with vegetable oil or pour a bit of vegetable oil on the surface and swirl or spread it around. If using spray, you will probably want to use it between each pancake.
Pour the batter onto your cooking surface. The size of the pancake is up to your discretion or up to the size of your pan. I like to make them about the size of a dinner plate or a bit smaller. (They are easier to turn if you keep them smaller.) When the middle of the pancake loses its shine and the first side is golden, it is time to turn. Carefully, turn to the second side. Turning can take some practice; a wide spatula makes it a bit easier. When the second side is golden, move to a plate and cover with foil.  When I have a nice stack, I like to move them to the oven, on its lowest heat, just to keep warm.

For serving, top with anything you like. We like butter and syrup. Other family favorites: homemade strawberry jam, powdered sugar, or if you are like my Mom, butter and granulated sugar.
Once you've topped your pancake with the topping of your choice, roll it up and enjoy. I love having fresh strawberries on the side.
While, D is not a breakfast person, the kids and I enjoyed our pancakes immensely. Of course, Buddy and Jellybean refused to eat theirs rolled up (I must teach them to enjoy them the "correct" way).
After breakfast, Jellybean decided it was time for a piano break. I heard her playing around and singing songs to herself, so I naturally had to snap a shot.

Have a Happy Day!


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  1. Thank you for sharing this recipe on the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I have never had Swedish pancakes, but I'm certainly going to try them now!

    Hope to see you back again next week!

    The Chicken Chick

  2. Thanks so much for sharing on my Farm Girl Blog Fest. My Mom used to make these and now you've inspired me to try your recipe. Thanks. Lisa