Monday, September 3, 2012

Changing Seasons

Lately, I've been noticing the slow change of the leaves. The mountainside is changing to fall shades and I've even noticed, here and there, some orange and yellow replacing the green leaves in my back yard. I realized, over the Labor Day weekend, that we are coming up on the one year anniversary of moving into our current home. The year has flown by. As the seasons have changed throughout the last year, I made it a habit to take a photo of the way the trees look from one of our upstairs windows.
Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring, Seasons
Fall and Spring are especially breathtaking.
The view of the trees is so beautiful from there. When I look out, I'm reminded of how quickly the time is passing and I look forward to the beauty that each new season will bring. I'm grateful for the year we've spent in our home and I look forward to the many years ahead of us.

Have a Happy Day!



  1. Yes! I've been super excited for fall - I know it's coming even though none of my trees are turning, because all my oaks are starting to lose their acorns. Every day I hear a few more 'ping!' sounds when one hits the metal railing outside. Squirrels have already been sighted, and it won't be long before the bluejays and the red-shafted flickers show up to harvest what they can, too. There are lots of small clues, but if you look for them - it's coming, and soon!!

    1. Fall is definitely my favorite season. I'm pretty excited as well!

  2. What an awesome view you have out your windows. I am so looking forward to the fall. I can't take much more of the triple digit weather. Thanks for visiting my blog & Fb - I am now happily a GFC follower. BTW - I love the name of your blog :)