Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Belly Swinging

We've been loving the heck out of our new swingset. In the afternoon, that part of the yard is in shade and it becomes a nice semi-cool escape from the heat. I'm a nice mom (no, really) so, I will push the kids on the swings but, there's a limit to my niceness. (When will my 4 year old learn to pump already?!) My new best friend is my digital timer. I set it for 20 minutes and then miraculously, there is no crying when the time is up. It's kind of like magic. Once I'm done pushing, my kids find other means of entertaining themselves. This usually involves at least another 20 minutes of belly swinging.
They think they are absolutely hilarious and spend the time giggling at each other's antics. This is when I get to just sit in the shade and relax. I love these afternoons.

Have a Happy Day!


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