Monday, July 16, 2012

We don't get out much

We're what you would call homebodies.  We don't socialize very often, but sometimes we have to leave the house just so our neighbors don't think that we're weirdos (at least I don't think they've figured that out yet, or maybe they have...).

Anyway, our local ward hosted a neighborhood luau party on Saturday.  Buddy and Jellybean were very excited about it, so D and I begrudgingly decided to attend.
The weather had been rainy all day, but turned surprisingly beautiful.  We decided to walk.
This picture is deceptive. It looks like Jellybean has only one doll with her.
Guess again. 
Oh man, now she wants me to carry her and her three dolls.
Finally, we caught up to D and Buddy.
An aside: So, the house you can see behind D is supposedly the most beautiful house in the neighborhood. I haven't been able to verify this myself. The thing that worries me is the dry grass hill that is behind it.  Not a good thing during fire season. Just saying.

We arrived and received our requisite plastic leis. The kids really enjoyed their hawaiian haystacks.
Can't you tell?
You see that face Buddy is making?  The people sitting across from us thought that it was cute.  I didn't think so.  This was his, "No, I won't do a real smile for you, Mama" face. I wasn't amused.

After dinner, the kids thought they'd try out the face painting. 
Jellybean chose an angel design, which turned out surprisingly recognizable. Buddy decided to go with that rad skull and cross bones tattoo.  Later that night, he decided that he was frightened of it and requested that D put a bandaid over it.

We're kind of party-poopers. So, we skipped out on the limbo and other planned party games. After a cookie we were on our way home.
It was fun while it lasted. Despite that, I imagine we'll stay firmly at home for any further social activities until maybe trick or treating. Like I said, we don't get out much.

Have a Happy Day!


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