Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Onion Bite

Photo via SarahLee Foodservice
Our family goes out for bagels almost every Saturday.  If you frequent Einstein Bagels and order the non-savory varieties (blueberry, poppyseed, cranberry, etc.) like we do, something will become apparent.  That something is what we lovingly call, "The Onion Bite."  The onion bite may sound foreign to you, so let me explain:  Imagine you've ordered a blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese (my standard order), you are enjoying it until, quite unexpectedly, you take a bite and it doesn't taste like the previous bite, it tastes like an onion bagel.  The horror!
I've posted this photo before, I still like it.
We don't know why this phenomenon occurs, but have discussed it at length. Do they work all of their dough on the same surface so that a portion of the blueberry dough picks up some of the onion? Do they store the onion bagels too close to the blueberry? Is it actually the cream cheese that is contaminated? Where did this errant onion flavored bite come from??  We don't know, so we've decided to make it a game.  You win the game if your bagel miraculously is missing the onion bite.  You also win if your onion bite comes at the beginning of the meal thereby allowing you to eat the rest of your bagel in peace.  You lose when the onion bite comes at the very end, ruining the entire bagel eating experience.  I hate it when I lose...

So, are we the only people who have noticed the onion bite?  It's entirely possible that we're just weird like that. 

Have a  Happy Day!


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