Monday, June 25, 2012

Box Canyon-Youth Conference 2012

Crimson Columbine- Aquilegia formosa
I've been MIA for the past few days due to Youth Conference.  Our church does an annual trip with the youth (ages 12 and 18). I had the amazing opportunity of hanging out with about 30 teenagers for two days and two nights.  Yeah, not as terrible as it sounds.
One of the highlights to the trip was a hike through Box Canyon in Moroni, UT. 
It's a great, easy-ish hike over and through fantastic natural rock formations. Good hiking shoes are recommended as the entire trail is made up of loose rock. Not only was it a beautiful day for a hike, but this canyon was very surprising.  The trail is somewhat hard to find, so we were the only group there for the entire hike.
I made a hobby of photographing some of the many, many butterflies (so many butterflies).
My best species guesstimation from Left to Right: Boloria chariclea, Field Crescent- Phyciodes pulchella, Clodius Parnassian, Mormon Fritillary, Weidemeyer’s Admiral Butterfly-Limenitis weidemeyerii
Box Canyon branches off of Maple Canyon. We also went further up for some rock repelling.  From what I could tell, it is an excellent spot for rock climbing.  I let those crazy teenagers do all of that dangerous stuff though.  I thought that I'd return home to my children in one piece.

Have a Happy Day!


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