Tuesday, May 22, 2012

5 Minute Craft: Color Your Own Wrapping Paper

We were invited to celebrate my beautiful niece's first birthday last Saturday.  Unfortunately, we didn't have a scrap of child appropriate wrapping paper in the house.  We did, however, have a bolt of plain butcher paper and lots of crayons.  Both very useful items to have around. Am I right?
First thing in the morning (which ought to explain what they are wearing), I taped a large piece of paper to the floor and let Jellybean and Buddy go nuts.  If you don't have any wrapping paper, just make some.
Buddy was certain she'd like the ABCs as well as an "Icy Monster." Apparently, that is a monster that is mean to people.
The "Icy Monster" looks pretty mean.
Buddy writes out the ABCs every chance he gets.
Jellybean, just let's the creativity flow. She's a big fan of orange, but I tried to convinced her to branch out a bit.
No, Mama. I don't want to use another color.
A fun time was had, wrapping paper was created and it turned out kind of cute to boot.  I think I'll have them color all of our wrapping paper from here on out.

 Have a Happy Day!


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  1. What a great idea! My 23-month old would love to do this!
    -Dawn, merelymothers.com