Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a fabulous Easter weekend!  We kicked it off with an Easter egg hunt.  The kids enjoyed searching for the eggs. I purchased them a couple of wheelbarrows and let them use those for egg collection.

The Hunt:
Once Buddy spotted the Spiderman eggs, he only had eyes for those. 
Jellybean was less particular and ended up with more eggs than Buddy. Every time she spotted one, she exclaimed, "More!"
Surveying the Spoils:
Say, "Ahh."
Easter Sunday Photoshoot:
On Sunday, we had a quick photo session after church.  (That seems to be a good time for photo taking.)  Jellybean picked out her own Easter dress. She insisted on the pink ruffled dress. How did I end up with such a girlie girl? The Easter clip she is wearing was made by me.
She is such a sweetheart and so full of personality.
He is a total ham and refuses to do a normal smile for the camera. I had to promise a treat to get these photos.
This photo melts my heart.  They really love each other.
I hope your Easter weekend was full of fun as well!

Have a Happy Day!


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  1. What a fun weekend! Love the baby animals at the zoo too! Found you at Cheri's blog hop, and am your newest follower, will you follow me back?