Saturday, December 4, 2010

8 months old, etc.

Jellybean is now 8.5 months old.

She can crawl like a maniac, pull up on things and climb (yes I said climb) up into some things. She even started to walk a little while pushing her toy chest last week. I *think* we'll have an early walker on our hands. Only time will tell.

One thing that strikes me about Jellybean is that she is very busy. She has to be moving and is almost constantly in search of her next target (i.e. what can she grab and shove into her mouth). It may be that she is just a little sister, but I've noticed that she is a particularly aggressive child and has no qualms about snatching toys away from other babies. She also enjoys sitting on said babies.

Jellybean is becoming a little bit of a tease. There is a particular phone cord that she is in love with. She is always crawling over and wanting to play with it. It's gotten to the point where I have no doubt that she knows that she is not supposed to play with it, but still she grins at me and does it anyway.....such a cheeky child.

She loves her brother and car rides have taken on a whole new dynamic lately. The two of them will sit and laugh at each other during entire car trips. Buddy will touch fingers with her and make funny faces and sounds. It's pretty funny listening to them.

She tries to clap, will laugh when I laugh, is very ticklish and her little closed mouth smile kills me every time. In short, she is amazing and I'm very proud of her.

This last month we got a visit from a very special person. Aunt Emmy!

I'm glad to say that Jellybean was an angel during the visit and even let her Auntie Em hold her and play with her. This is very unusual behavior for Jellybean. Clearly, Em is a favorite.

Papa has working hard to get into Jellybean's good graces. She was pretty amenable to his attention on Thanksgiving and allowed him to hold her and walk her around.

A rare enough event to warrant documentation. She is getting better about allowing me to leave the room and allowing others to hold her. I have hope for her yet.

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