Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Month Older

What is it with these children? They keep getting bigger! I just finished cleaning out the clothing drawers again. Taking out all of the clothes that no longer fit and putting in the bigger sizes for the winter. It's truly shocking how quickly they go through clothes. Why can't they stay the same sizes forever?

This ladybug learned to crawl last Tuesday, the day after she turned 7 months:
She also learned to stick out her tongue, sit like a champion, answer to her name and she finds everything around her endlessly fascinating.
I took her out last week and put her down in the grass for the first time. She immediately started picking up leaves and pulling up grass and trying to stick it in her mouth. This took me by surprise. When Buddy was this same age, he wouldn't have dared touch the grass let alone put it in his mouth. I'm always discovering just how different these two children are.
Classic Jellybean Smile
Jellybean is an enthusiastic eater, to say the least. The cracker I fed her yesterday was probably the-best-cracker-ever and the berrytastic banana baby food with oatmeal mixed in...heaven.

Mr. Incredible is 28.5 months old.
Here's the man of action himself (though he was too busy coloring to pose for pictures).

He is in love with my ipad, the alphabet (of course), cookies, and is becoming rather quotable.
His imagination is blooming right now. Everyday he becomes a new creature. Today he came up behind me and said, "I'm a monster and I'm going to get you!" Buddy also loves to draw and his creations are starting to have stories behind them. I love to see how creative he is becoming.
He continues to be a good big brother. I left the room and when I came back, he had laid down on the floor to play with Jellybean.

Aw, I love these kids.


  1. Very cute ladybug! What was Robbie for Halloween this year?

  2. I'm freaking out over how quickly Will grows out of his clothes, too. It seems like every 4-6 months I have to replace his entire wardrobe. Talk about breaking the bank! Anyway, your two are just fun to read about. I'm glad they're doing so well.