Thursday, April 16, 2009

10 Months

Buddy is now 10 months old! Photo shoots are getting more and more fun as Buddy seems to be getting some opinions on what should and what should not be happening during his monthly photo session.

If he wasn't trying to dive head first off of the chair, he was shoving a toy in his face, refusing to look at me, or just generally being a complete pill.
This month he accomplished the following:
-He is now a cruising master and can pull up on just about anything
-Pillows are no longer an obstacle now that he has learned to body surf over them
-He now says Mama and Dada regularly (though, I'm still not sure if he knows which is which)
-He recognizes and responds when you say the following words or phrases: "Milk", "Num-Num", "I'm going to get you!" and thankfully, "No!"
-He has more teeth sprouting up, one or two more on the bottom and the same on top
-and for the most part, he is now sleeping through the night

Things he loves:
-The Wiggles
-Bouncing in his bouncy chair
-The red scarf being thrown on his head
-The controller (whenever he can get it)
-His reflection
-Being picked up and spun by Daddy after he gets home from work
-A good book
-and typing on computer keyboards


  1. marcie! he is so adorable! his hair is so cute--so even! caleb's is a mullet. haha sounds like you are having so much fun. yay-motherhood is awesome!

  2. I LOVE that picture of him looking in the mirror. What a BOY!!! So darling!