Friday, March 13, 2009

9 Months

Today Buddy is 9 months old. When I look at how much he has changed, I begin to wonder where my baby has gone. He looks so grown up.

The accomplishments of the last month are many:
-He can get into a seated position on his own easily.
-He has learned to stand-up using the furniture and is starting to cruise.
-He loves to be read to and has learned to turn the pages by himself.
-He has cut two new teeth in the last week, which brings his total to 4.
-Though he can't hold a cup on his own yet, he can drink from one.

Buddy's discoveries of the month:
-Frozen banana is a rare delicacy.
-It is very upsetting when Daddy leaves for work in the morning.
-The ability to make a sound isn't as important as the volume at which the sound is delivered.
-If you gnaw on your crib, you can chew that white stuff right off!
-Naps and sleeping at night aren't as important to me as they are to Mommy.

This has been such a fun month. Look, I even put up some new decorations in his's room:

It's a racetrack, Vroom Vroom!


  1. He looks so grown up in those pictures! Maybe it's just how you combed his hair or something, but he's definitely looking more like a toddler every day. I bet he'll be walking soon!

  2. I like the wall decorations. I'll have to come see them in person at some point.


  3. How cute! He is growing up. It even looks like he has a missionary haircut.

    Enjoy. Because once they start talking, they don't stop!