Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fairy Dust Take a Break Jar

We don't have to do too many time-outs around here, but sometimes the kids are really getting on each others nerves and need to take a break. I decided to make a relaxation jar to help the kids to shift their focus and help them calm down when they are too worked up. I'd seen the glitter jars around and liked that idea, but I thought I'd add a little to it.
For my jar, I decided to use some shrinky dink plastic and make a little fairy to put in the jar.
I filled a small-ish jar with warm water (almost to the very top) and then used two tubes of glitter glue (from the dollar store) to create the fairy dust. Then, after I shrunk my fairy, I put her in the jar too.
I shook everything up, sealed it and told the kids that I had caught a fairy. They have a fun time shaking the jar up and looking for her to fly by.
Such a simple thing. They both love the idea of a captured fairy. Poor fairy. She won't be getting out of there any time soon.

Have a Happy Day!


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