Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Teddy Bear Hits 9 Months!

This kid just gets more and more fun. At nine months, he is crawling everywhere, discovering everything and basically trying to get or get into anything he sees. He is especially attracted to items made out of paper. This is a problem seeing as Buddy is obsessed with printing lately and there is an abundance of printing paper lying around at all times (despite my efforts to keep it contained).
Teddy Bear loves making new sounds and faces. I caught him making fishy faces the other day, he also likes to copy kissing sounds with his lips. We are starting to hear his adorable little voice. He regularly says, "Mama" and I think he even knows what it means. He loves to crawl and explore of course, but he especially loves having D or myself help him walk. He enjoys trying to cruise and really likes standing at his music table. His cute sense of humor is also coming out more and more. He's kind of a goof ball.
His very favorite thing of all is me. That made this last photo session kind of difficult. He kept trying to crawl to me and I kept shoving him back on the couch. First there was this:
Then after enough times, he started looking kind of defeated:
Buddy was there to tickle him, so I'd have at least a couple of happy shots.
My other goofy kids wanted to be in the photos, too.
Jellybean and Buddy are always there to make us laugh.
Such silliness going on around here.

Have a Happy Day!


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  1. It was SO fun to meet Teddy Bear at Christmas. What a cutie! You have the sweetest kids.