Saturday, January 4, 2014

Teddy Bear 8 Months!

Teddy Bear turned 8 months just before Christmas. I realized that if I didn't get this update posted soon, he would be 9 months old already.
This last month was huge development-wise for Teddy Bear. He accomplished the following:
-He began saying: "Ma ma ma ma" and "Da da da da". He also makes the sounds, "Ra ra ra ra". Buddy is positive that he is saying his name. Jellybean got Teddy Bear to copy the sound, "Sssss." She says that he is saying sister.
-He began sitting up on his own and then...
-He began crawling and sitting and crawling and sitting all over the house. He's becoming quite the explorer. He loves crawling after his brother and sister. They love being crawled after.
-Teddy Bear figured out how to clap and then figured out that clapping seems to please his parents a great deal.
-He is getting pretty good at picking up and getting puffs and yogurt melts in his mouth.
-He moved up to size 4(!) diapers
-Teddy Bear started pulling up on anything he can pull-up on. He'll even let go and almost stand on his own for a moment before falling on his bottom.
-He also figured out how to roll a car back and forth on the floor.
Somewhat more frustrating, he has become very attached to me and went through an intense stranger danger stage at the beginning on the month. It seems that he is coming out of it somewhat, but he complains loudly, even while D is holding him. He will only stop when I come to get him. I like being so very loved, but it is also kind of annoying. Also, this kid is starting to break me. My back has seen better days. He is so heavy that I have begun to dread carrying him upstairs more often than absolutely necessary. I hate to wish the time away, but it will be a blessing when he can get up those stairs on his own.
Christmas was so fun with Teddy Bear here. We even managed to keep the tree from falling victim to his explorations. Sadly, the tree is still up (because we are terribly lazy), so he may still get an opportunity to pull it down.
Here's the monthly photo progress update:
Grandpa thinks he has thinned out a bit. Maybe a little, but he is certainly starting to take on more and more of the little boy look. Soon, I'll be wondering where my baby went. Meanwhile, I'll just keep showering his cheeks with kisses.

Have a Happy Day!


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