Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tulip Festival

I'm still catching up on my activities over the past several weeks. The first outing we took, as a family of five, was to the Tulip Festival. Of course the flowers were amazing, but the kids especially loved the koi pond.
I made good use of my wrap. Teddy Bear slept the entire time and the kids kept asking if I was having another baby. It was hard to convince them that the baby was in the wrap and not my belly. This was the week we brought him home, he was so tiny compared to now.
Such a fun time strolling with my silly kids. I was still recovering, but it was nice to be out walking. We did take the time to stop and smell the tulips, too.
I needed to rest by the time we got to the Italian garden. It was a warm day and they were nice and cool.
Sweet little Teddy Bear was still sleeping, but I had to take a minute to check on him.
Our photographer for the day, didn't want to be photographed. I snuck a shot in anyway. I couldn't have gotten through the trip without him.
It was an absolutely beautiful day. I look forward to more family outings this Summer.

Have a Happy Day!


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