Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Little Chef

I'm sure I've mentioned before that Jellybean is my little helper around the house. She wants to help with everything from cleaning to cooking. I'm really excited to see how that plays out with her new baby brother. He'll be here any day now.
For her birthday, my mom gave her a jr. cooking set and made her the sweetest apron. Even better, my mom made me a matching apron as well. I can't wait to have this baby and be able to wear our aprons together.
Look at that perfect little apron. She even has room to grow into it. Note: you will not see me wearing mine until my belly no longer sticks out a mile.
Because Jellybean is so interested in helping me in the kitchen, I've been making some forays into cooking and baking with her. It isn't easy and frankly pretty frustrating, but it's fun to see her light up. She clearly enjoys it.
She is 3, so I don't let her do a ton yet, but Sunday she donned her new apron and we got busy talking about measuring, pouring and mixing. Together we put together a batch of Original Toll House cookies (best recipe, still haven't found one that challenges it).
Looking pretty serious.
Last week, I let her help me pour all the ingredients into the hot pan and help stir the pasta sauce I was making (having her stir over a hot pan was nerve wracking, but she did very well and I of course hovered the entire time making sure that she kept her hand and arm away from the pan and stove.)
Mixing the dry ingredients with her whisk.
I'd like to start her on cutting with a butter knife (i.e. cutting chunks of banana or butter), but D is against her using any type of knife even a blunt one.  I feel like she has a pretty firm understanding about staying away from "Mama's" knives. (I yelled at her and scared her pretty badly when she decided to be helpful and opened my knife drawer. I yell when I'm scared, normal mom response?)

What other cooking skills do you think a 3 year old can be learning right now? I'm a little stumped. I suppose pouring and mixing will probably keep her pretty occupied for now.

Have a Happy Day!


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