Monday, January 28, 2013

The stuff of childhood.

Childhood goes by way too quickly. I thought I ought to write down some funny Buddyisms that I wanted to remember:
I purchased a pair of Spiderman slippers recently. The slippers have inspired sudden bursts of wild "super hero" running across the room. I commented, "Buddy, those slippers are so cool you might even be able to climb walls." Buddy stopped in his tracks and looked at me very seriously. Then he turned and disappeared into the next room. The next thing I hear is a thump and then a very disappointed, "Ah, still too hard." (I wonder how many times he's tried this.)
I let my son eat pop tarts almost every morning for breakfast (I know, terribly nutritious, feel free to judge me). One morning, Buddy looked very sad and said he didn't want a pop tart. I asked him why and he stated with much distress, "I don't want to turn into one!"  I think perhaps an adult in his life suggested that he might turn into his favorite food if he ate it too much.

Have a Happy Day!


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