Thursday, January 10, 2013

Box Fort

So, am I the only one that does a ridiculous amount of shopping online and then collects a ridiculous amount of cardboard boxes? After a couple of years of collecting, I realized that I should probably do something with all of those boxes. What to do...?

Let the kids build a fort of course.
 And this was only the small boxes out of my collection. My sister-in-law said I must be a glutton for punishment seeing as that many boxes in a small room strongly resembles a huge mess.
Good thing my little builders knew how to create some order out of the disorder.
I'm wondering why I didn't just get them more boxes for Christmas instead of toys.
There is a huge bright side to a box fort. Once the hours of enjoyment are over, all of those boxes can go directly to the recycle bin. Fantastic.

Have a Happy Day!



  1. My kids would looooooove this! (Even the 11-year-old!) They'd never let me send it to recycling! Thanks for visiting me and commenting at

  2. You should see the corner of flattened boxes we have collected. It's getting ridiculous. Esp since with three young children I do a lot of my holiday shopping online, which means lots of big boxes! I love your idea- maybe I will pull them out for my kiddos to play with!