Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Snow Day Activity Center

It's hard being stuck inside on a snow day. I often struggle to keep the kids occupied. This last snowy day, I set up an activity center on our dining table.
On one side of the table I set up some paint in ziplock bags. I've seen this activity done a ton on Pinterest. You just put some paint blobs in ziplock bags and tape them down. Buddy doesn't like getting his hands messy, so this was a good solution for clean play. Even still it took a little convincing because he dislikes paint so much. Of course, once we showed him how to draw letters in the paint, he was sold.
I set up some paper and crayons on another side while he warmed up to the idea of playing with the paint.
Once Jellybean was tired of pushing paint around, I brought out some salt dough. She loves dough, but Buddy is, again, a bit resistant because of the potential mess factor. His preschool teacher has recommended that we try to get him to do activities that will build the strength in his fingers. Playing in dough is a good one.
Yep, our hands are a little messy.
I had a bag of decorative rocks close by, so I brought those out to see if it would make the activity more interesting. To my surprise, Buddy loved sticking the rocks in the dough and was engrossed in it far longer than Jellybean. He didn't even get annoyed about his hands not being perfectly clean.
First, he concentrated on making a stonehenge of sorts.
Then he squished all of the dough together and created a monster.  When he was done with that he worked on hiding the rocks inside the dough. Weird how adding one new thing can change everything.
Well, that was one morning successfully managed. Here's hoping that there aren't very many more days that we're stuck inside this winter.

Have a Happy Day!


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