Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween.  We did.  The kids went to bed completely sugared up and dreaming of their candy bags. I got to enjoy the traditional glazed donut (or two) and a glass of spiced apple cider, so my evening was complete.

Buddy got to wear a costume to school Halloween morning. He was excited, but disappointed to find out that he couldn't wear his Spiderman mask to school. So, we recycled his costume from last year:
Later, after a costume change, we were ready for Trick or Treating.
Jellybean put on her owl costume (you can see pictures of it here). She was an adorable owl, but her little arms got a bit tired after a long day of wing flapping. Buddy donned his Spiderman costume. I think I'll be sad when his love of Spiderman ends. He had the same costume last year and we had to move up to the next size this year. My personal opinion is that there is nothing better than little boys who love super heroes.

We've truly hit the best months of the year. Now it's time to put away the Halloween decor and start planning for Thanksgiving. Hooray!

Have a Happy Day!


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