Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Come Walk With Us...

I love Autumn afternoons when the weather is cool, but still warm enough for a walk around the neighborhood.
We take these walks almost daily this time of year. I love the little moments of learning that happen on a simple afternoon walk. This is what we learned today:
First lesson: It's really annoying when you want to tell your mother something and she keeps taking photos with her cell phone.
Second lesson: If you are looking for kitty cats, you have to look in all kinds of places.
Keep your eyes peeled, you'll find one when you least expect it. (Yes, my son does point at things with his middle finger. Why do you ask?)
Third lesson: The neighbors have some really awesome decorations up this time of year.  My kids were left wondering: What is up with our parents and their sad excuse for porch decor?
Fourth lesson: Bouncy balls bounce really well on the side walk, but they don't bounce on grass (for some undecipherable reason). Jellybean found it best to experiment on this lesson multiple times.
Fifth lesson: If you are letter obsessed, like Buddy, you will find many a crack in the side walk to contemplate and assign a likeness to.
Sixth lesson: Dandelions are fun to pick and are "soft like a kitty." It's also fun to blow their fluff, but not so fun to lick them. (Last part not pictured, as I was too busy digging dandelion fluff out of Jellybean's mouth. By the way, it's not the first time she has learned this lesson.)

Yep, we are looking forward to more walks and more lessons in the coming days before the weather gets too cold.

Have a Happy Day!


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