Thursday, July 5, 2012

Neighborhood Parade

Nice shades.
We had a nice July 4th yesterday.  One of the first events of the morning was a small neighborhood parade.  We decided that instead of participating in it this year that we'd go out and cheer.  It was good that we did. That small troupe needed some encouragement. 
Waiting patiently for the parade to begin
More waiting
Here they come! Buddy and Jellybean were ridiculously excited to see the parade coming. Buddy wondered if it would be as loud as the parade on Caillou.
This small neighborhood parade even had some royalty. Buddy and Jellybean even cheered on the last of the bicycles.
Even though the parade was small, my children were not disappointed.  They loved it.  I look forward to them participating next year.
I purchased the last 2 stars in the city.
On the way in, I had to take a picture of my sad attempt at patriotic porch decor. I had envisioned a really awesome star theme, but shopping on July 3rd turned up a pretty sad number of stars. Also, the large, red star keeps being blown away by the wind... We'll do something better next year.

Have a Happy Day!


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