Thursday, June 28, 2012

Princess Festival 2012

Jellybean and I went on a mom and daughter outing last Saturday.  We went to the Princess Festival.
Here she is dressed in her finest princess garb:
Jellybean doesn't go out for the Disney princess look. She has her own style.
We met some beautiful princesses who told their stories and posed for pictures:
Meeting Cinderella and Rapunzel
Jellybean tried on a new outfit...yeah, it freaks me out a little, too.
I'm a little confused about why the arms don't match...
Face painting by one of my old high school friends (go figure). I tried to convince Jellybean to choose a more elaborate design.  I wanted to get my money's worth, but this is what she picked.
She looks thrilled, doesn't she?
They had several craft stations set up.  Jellybean was a little young for some, but she loved making her own hair bow and coloring bookmarks to give away to other children. Such a kind princess.
Jellybean also enjoyed building a sand castle and joining in the dance party with Princess Sonrisa and Little Red Riding Hood.
 Before we left, we had to get Jellybean's nails painted.  This was the first time for her. She was so excited. 
She sat so still. Gotta love the hot pink.
We had a blast. I loved every minute of hanging out with my daughter; just us girls. I get such a kick out of my funny, amazing little girl.
One last carriage ride before departing for home.
Have a Happy Day!


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  1. So fun! I didn't even know the Princess Festival even existed.