Thursday, June 7, 2012

Eye Spy Discovery Bottle

Buddy came home from church on Sunday with a little discovery bottle filled with treasures for him to look at it. It was his "eye spy." He was smitten with it and carried it everywhere. He even carried it to the grocery store where he promptly left it in the car cart we were using.  I didn't notice that he didn't have it with him and he didn't notice either until we got home.  He was devastated.

So, (in order to stop the sobbing) we decided to make our own... 
We went on an expedition to Hobby Lobby and picked out a few little things to go in our brand new eye spy bottles. Buddy was especially enthusiastic about the ABC beads we found.  I gathered a few more items around the house and then I let Buddy and Jellybean pick what they wanted in their bottles. After they had put in what they wanted, I poured in a generous amount of corn syrup and glitter.
In retrospect, we should have used smaller bottles. I also should have added more glitter. The glitter looks really cool throughout the corn syrup. All in all, the kids are happy with their bottles. Buddy reminds me daily that he is sad he lost his eye spy, but he likes that his new one has ALL of the letters.
To add a little personality and to secure the cap on the bottle, I glued on a bit of ribbon and felt.  With that much corn syrup in there, I wanted to make sure the cap was on tight.

Here's a link to an entire page of discovery bottle ideas.  There are a ton of great ones.
Discovery Bottle Ideas

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  1. So creative! Definitely making some for my little guys.

  2. Oh, how fun!! It is amazing how a child can so easily leave something behind yet miss it so terribly when they realize it is gone. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!