Thursday, May 24, 2012

Planting Tomatoes

A couple of weeks ago, my awesome sister gave me some tomato plants that she had started from seed. When I received them from her, it was a bit cold to put them in the ground, so I waited.....a bit too long.  By the time I was ready to put them in the ground, they were looking pretty shabby.  I hadn't taken very good care of them.  I went ahead and planted them anyway, though I had written off all but one of them.  After two weeks of care, here's the break down of my 4 tomato plants:
I yanked out number 4, sans post mortem. Enter the replacement tomato plant:
My mom had found some very reasonably priced plants at Costco and gave me one. Hooray! I worry that the other three plants are jealous of the newcomer. Look at all of that gorgeous foliage.

The kids, per the usual, were very good helpers. They generously offered their services and helped me put the new plant in the ground.  Their services included: digging in the dirt, dirt transportation, flinging dirt long distances and watering.
 And a few more photos:
Have A Happy Day!


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  1. Oh what fun! This is something I definitely want to do with my daughter when she gets a bit older. How satisfying for you and your kids to know that the tomoatoes you'll be eating were the ones you grew yourselves!